Purists might insist that a wooden match or a cedar spill can be used to light a premium cigar. However, any source of flame will impart a taste to the cigar if the proper method is not observed. A steady source of wide flame is required so that one’s attention can be focused on the lighting process. The IM Corona windproof lighter provides the perfect flame for as long as you require. To achieve the perfect light with your IM Corona lighter, follow these steps:

Pick up your lighter. Notice the comfortable heft in your hand. Take a moment to admire the case and reflect on its personal meaning to you. Consider that you hold in your hand one of the pinnacles of American design and craftsmanship. This ritual will relax you in preparation for the enjoyment of your cigar.

Now, open the lighter lid, allowing the windproof chimney to breathe for several seconds. You will smell the fuel; this is your assurance that trapped fumes are being dissipated.

Spin the flint wheel to light the wick. Give the flame three or four seconds to mature. This pause burns off residual and steadies the flame. You are now ready to light your cigar.

Do not let the flame touch the cigar. Hold the cigar just above the flame at a 45o angle so that the heat, not the flame, causes combustion.

Rotate the cigar so that the outer ring of the foot is evenly lit.

Bring the cigar to your lips. As the ring burns toward the centre, blow out lightly through the cigar. This will dissipate any fumes from the lighting material.

Rotate the cigar through the first few puffs to assure an even burn.

Using this method will guarantee a great-tasting smoke. With its steady, reliable flame, a IM Corona windproof lighter gives you the leisure to light it right the first time, every time.

To revive a cigar:
Carefully knock off the ash. Slowly rotate the end of the cigar in the tip of the flame of your IM Corona lighter until all the accumulated tars have burned off. This will take about eight to ten seconds. Blow through, then draw, on your cigar. It should smoke like a fresh one.