Before a premium cigar can be smoked, the closed end must be opened. The range of tools for this purpose is large, and includes single- and double-edged guillotines (such as Davidoff’s Zino Cutter) wedge cutters (also known as cat’s eye cutters), knives, and “round” piercers or picks.

Every tool has its advocates and its detractors, but each can be effective if used properly. For example, an improperly pierced cigar will “plug” resulting in a hard draw and harsh flavor. A poorly cut cigar can burn too hot or even fall apart. To use a piercer or pick, simply push the sharp end into the closed end of your cigar. Rotate the tool slightly and withdraw. For cutting tools, a steady hand and a sharp blade are imperative to success. A good rule of thumb is to cut 1/16″ from the head of the cigar. This is sufficient to give you a good draw, without the risk of loosening the wrapper.

A specialized tool like the Davidoff Round Cutter can make achieving a clean, perfect cut very simple. This instrument will cut cigars of all ring gauges due to its three, different sized blades. Simply push the cigar gently onto the blade of choice and rotate.

A sharp cutter will prevent tearing and ruining your cigar. The classic and elegant Davidoff Cigar Scissors pictures are always a fine choice. Some cigar fanciers swear by the oldest method – using one’s teeth. We will say only that this method requires great finesse, not only in biting off precisely the correct amount, but also in disposing of the end.